EUR: 1.0000 EUR            
AED: 0.2538 EUR            
BNB: 531.7000 EUR            
BTC: 56,995.6000 EUR            
DD: 0.9317 EUR            
ETC: 20.7500 EUR            
ETH: 3,086.4800 EUR            
EUROC: 0.9917 EUR            
GENIE: 0.0041 EUR            
LTC: 65.2700 EUR            
MATIC: 0.5165 EUR            
MOF: 0.0000 EUR            
MWT: 0.1398 EUR            
MWTC: 0.0684 EUR            
SAND: 0.2965 EUR            
SHIB: 0.0000 EUR            
TRX: 0.1105 EUR            
USDC: 0.9321 EUR            
USDT: 0.9317 EUR            
VAUT: 106.6500 EUR            
XRP: 0.4445 EUR            
ZIL: 0.0156 EUR            
Mountain Wolf Token MWT

The innovative web-based platform enabling individuals and businesses to comfortably manage, send, and receive funds in FIAT and crypto worldwide.

MWT Coins
MWT Circulating
MWT Locked
MWT Total
MWT Burned
Account Tier Discounts
Token Hunting Earnings
Premium features
MWT Trading
How to use the MWT


Inform yourself

Before you begin to use MWT, there are several things to keep in mind to make the best use of the Token and enjoy its benefits

MWT Inform your Self
MWT Tiers Upgrades


Account Tier Upgrades

Upgrade your Account Tier by holding and locking MWT. The higher the tier, the lower the fees you pay.

Your can only upgraded using MWT bought at the MWTrade, thus increasing the demand for MWT.

The Minimum Lock-up Period is 180 days, creating a scarcity of free MWT to safeguard and likely boost its demand and value.


Token Hunting

Token Hunting is how new MWT enter the market. New tokens are awarded to Token hunters as an earning percentage of their MWT locked for Token Hunting.

Mountain Wolf MWT Crypto Token Utility Chart
Exclusive Rewards Graphic Mountain Wolf

Profit potential

MWT Trading

Strategic Supply

Most of the deployed MWT will remain locked for ACCOUNT TIER upgrades and TOKEN HUNTING. The benefits of the KEEP HUNTING feature create an appeal for HUNTERS to continue locking up their MWT.

Drivers of Demand

  • HUNTING EARNINGS percentage drops
  • The sale of TOKEN HUNTING PACKAGES ends
  • MWT will only be available via MWTrading
  • Demand of MWT required for TIER upgrades
  • Upcoming products and services that will use MWT

In the future, you will be able to buy diamonds, gold and silver with your Mountain Wolf Token.

2024-06-24 12:54:45 GMT+1

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