EUR: 1.0000 EUR            
AED: 0.2539 EUR            
BNB: 532.0000 EUR            
BTC: 57,375.7000 EUR            
DD: 0.9322 EUR            
ETC: 20.8000 EUR            
ETH: 3,093.7900 EUR            
EUROC: 0.9922 EUR            
GENIE: 0.0041 EUR            
LTC: 65.7900 EUR            
MATIC: 0.5151 EUR            
MOF: 0.0000 EUR            
MWT: 0.1398 EUR            
MWTC: 0.0684 EUR            
SAND: 0.2971 EUR            
SHIB: 0.0000 EUR            
TRX: 0.1105 EUR            
USDC: 0.9327 EUR            
USDT: 0.9322 EUR            
VAUT: 106.6500 EUR            
XRP: 0.4432 EUR            
ZIL: 0.0157 EUR            
The Highest Level of Security and Accessibility
MW E-Wallet
Send-Wolf Feature Icon - Mountain Wolf


Send-Wolf Feature Icon - Mountain Wolf
Easy wallet top-up


Send-Wolf Feature Icon - Mountain Wolf
Alternative Sub-account


Digital Payments Graphic Mountain Wolf
Send-Wolf Feature Icon - Mountain Wolf

Securely top-up your MW Euro Wallet from your linked bank account using the Free MW IBAN.

Send-Wolf Feature Icon - Mountain Wolf

Receive Crypto from any account by generating and sharing your desired currency Wallet Address.

Send-Wolf Feature Icon - Mountain Wolf
Personalised IBAN

Unique to your account, it ensures smoother transactions between your MW and bank accounts.


You can enjoy complete freedom with Crypto payments from and to any account, worldwide and in real-time.
You can also send Euro funds via Send-Wolf, and top-up your MW Prepaid Card to enjoy worldwide digital payments, e-commerce, and ATM withdrawals.

Digital Payments Graphic Mountain Wolf
Send-Wolf Feature Icon - Mountain Wolf

Instant FIAT and Crypto transfers between Mountain Wolf accounts

Send-Wolf Feature Icon - Mountain Wolf
FIAT and Crypto Prepaid Cards

With our FIAT and Crypto Cards lineup, you can perform e-commerce, POS payments, and withdrawals around the globe.

Send-Wolf Feature Icon - Mountain Wolf

The perfect gift to invite your friends, clients, and partners to join your MW network


The Mountain Wolf exchange compliments the functionality of your MW Wallet by enabling you to seamlessly trade any of your currencies at market price.

Send-Wolf Feature Icon - Mountain Wolf
Easy Trading

Intuitive exchange available to all users. It enables you to buy and sell crypto at market price, and all actions are reflected in your wallet in real time

Send-Wolf Feature Icon - Mountain Wolf

The dedicated exchange function to buy and sell Mountain Wolf Token [MWT] at market price.

Easy Trading Illustration Mountain Wolf
2024-06-24 12:12:34 GMT+1

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